What are the 10 most populated cities in indiana?

Indianapolis easily remains the largest city in Indiana, according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday for every city, county and state. Gary's peak population was 178,320 in 1960, and its current population of 68,325 represents a decrease of 61.7% from its peak. Among the 100 largest cities in Indiana, the city that is shrinking most rapidly is Gary, whose population has declined 33.3% since 2000.

With a population of 84,981, it is also the seventh largest city in the state and is often touted by the city government as the “Gateway to Picturesque Southern Indiana.” The city is located in the northeastern region of Indiana and with a population of 267,633 inhabitants, it is also the second most populous city in the state. Evansville is the seat of Vanderburgh County and with a population of 117,963, it is the third most populous city in Indiana. Indiana is ranked as the 17th most populous state in the continental United States, with a total population of 6,691,878. It's also one of the region's fastest-growing cities, with a population that has grown nearly tenfold in just 20 years. Indiana has a total of 120 municipalities officially designated as cities and only four cities have a population of more than 100,000.

A town differs from a city in the sense that a town cannot become a city until it has a population of at least 2,000 inhabitants. The second largest city is Fort Wayne, with a population of 265,974, and is the 84th-largest city in the United States. However, with 93,510 inhabitants, it is still the fifth most populous city in the state and proudly boasts a highly educated and relatively prosperous population. Indianapolis is the capital and the largest and most populous city in Indiana, with a population of 867,125. Except as noted, all cities are third-class cities with a seven-member city council and an elected treasurer secretary.

The development of the population of the state of Indiana according to census results and the latest official estimates.

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