What cities in indiana are close to chicago?

Indiana cities near Chicago to live in Chesterton, Indiana. Chesterton is one of the best cities in Indiana near Chicago. Crown Point is a city in Indiana near Chicago. Moving to Indiana can reduce travel time to Chicago.

Munster, Indiana is 28 miles from Chicago and Dyer, Indiana is just 39 minutes away by car compared to a 51-minute drive from Naperville, Illinois (33 miles). Don't waste it on your car. Located right next to Indiana Dunes State Park, Chesterton doesn't lack natural beauty. The waves of Lake Michigan will make you believe that you have been transported to the coast, along with sand dunes that can reach a height of more than 200 feet.

Charming inns and local restaurants abound. If you're looking for a meeting place or a good stop half or half way between Indianapolis and Chicago, you can try Wolcott, IN, which is approximately 1 and a half hours northwest of Indianapolis or about 1 and a half hours south of Chicago. With a population close to 3 million, the hustle and bustle of Chicago can be exhilarating until it isn't. Closest airports to East Chicago, Indiana Nearest Amtrak train stations east of Chicago Closest beaches to East Chicago, Indiana.

This page will help you find a list of surrounding towns near east of Chicago, towns and cities near or near the eastern suburbs of Chicago, within a distance of 64 36 km east of Chicago (Indiana) to the north, south, east or west of east Chicago; usually at a distance of one or two hours by car. You can also take the South Shore line, which runs from South Bend, Indiana, to the city center with stops along the way. Find five hundred cities near East Chicago, Indiana, United States, from closest to farthest by distance. The 26-mile coastal trail, formerly used for thousands of years by Native American tribes, surrounds the entire lake and is the perfect opportunity to see the area's historic mansions up close.

Schererville, InExpect tons of space and oversized backyards in Schererville, a small Indiana town located about two miles east of the Illinois border and 11 miles south of Lake Michigan. Alternatively, if you want to see all the cities or towns that are 40 miles east of east of Chicago, you can filter by SE and NE in your spreadsheet program. Change the values between and the distances to get a different set of results for cities near East Chicago. Many of these cities also flank Lake Michigan or are located in mountains, lakes, or next to state parks, such as Wilmot Mountain in Wisconsin or Indiana's Dunes National Park, making these communities ideal for year-round outdoor activities.

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