Is indiana safe to live in?

Indiana has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. In certain sectors of the state, many neighborhoods have built a tradition of being virtually crime-free. When you compare Indiana's crime rates with those of other states in the country, you'll discover that, while the state of Hoosier can't claim to have the lowest crime rates, it doesn't have the worst crime rates either. Compared to other states in the country, Indiana tends to fall in the middle as a safe place to live.

However, if you compare Indiana's crime rates with those in neighboring states, Hoosier is a much safer place to call home. Indiana's crime rate is 35.51 per 1000 residents for a standard year. People who live in Indiana generally consider the southern part of the state to be the safest. All information is taken from FBI crime statistics.

By downloading our guide, you can also expect to receive our short series of New Home 101 emails. You can unsubscribe from this subscription any time you want. Although the city has a slightly higher crime rate, there are many safe neighborhoods and suburbs throughout the Indianapolis subway with lower crime rates. Visit Connor Prairie, one of the country's most visited outdoor museums and Indiana's first Smithsonian subsidiary.

Located in southeastern Boone County, Zionsville is a city of more than 27,000 people and is located just 20 miles from Indianapolis. Enjoy a day on the golf course at Indianapolis's first country club, The Country Club of Indianapolis, where members also have access to a private pool and club headquarters. Indiana residents are also more likely than the average American to believe that crime is on the rise (at 68% compared to a northern suburb of Indianapolis, Zionsville has a town-style center with a main street offering shops and restaurants). Indiana is in the 58th percentile in terms of safety, meaning 42% of states are safer and 58% of states are more dangerous.

The cost of living in Indianapolis is equal to the Indiana average and 12% lower than the national average. The map below shows a simple count of crimes in Indiana, which means it will look a lot like state population maps. This southern Indiana city has approximately 800 residents and is home to one of the Hoosier State Marengo Cave's most interesting attractions.

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