What is the safest zip code in indianapolis?

The best security systems for tenants The best home security systems for pet owners The best self-supervised security systems How much does a home security system cost? How to choose a security system The best antivirus and antimalware software What to do if your identity is stolen? The Best Smart Home Security Systems The Best Apps for Walking Home Alone The Best Pepper Sprays for Self-Defense The Best Devices for Aging Instead The Best Fitness Trackers for Seniors The Best Medical Alert Systems for Fall Detection safest college cities in the U.S. UU. The most dangerous metropolitan cities in the U.S. Your status The SafeWise team is pleased to publish the eighth annual report on the safest cities.

Check if your city is on the full list. Indiana has a lot to be proud of this year thanks to the decline in violent crime and property crimes. However, the results of our security survey show that the majority of Hoosiers residents think that crime is increasing and less than half feel safe in the state. Indiana is one of 14 states that experienced decreases in both violent crime and property crime this reported year.

Both their violent crime and property crime rates are below national averages. According to our latest survey on the state of security, Hoosiers' daily level of concern for safety is lower than the national average (by 44% versus less than half of the Hoosiers residents we surveyed felt safe in their state (48%), which is lower than the US average of 55%. Indiana residents are also more likely than the average American to believe that crime is on the rise (68% compared to when we asked Indiana residents what crimes they are concerned about happening to them). See if Hoosiers residents are concerned about the same criminal issues as the rest of the country.

Indiana's property crime rate of 17.8 is lower than the national average (19), but above the regional average for the east, north and center (16,. Property crimes in Indiana declined year after year. For the purposes of this report, the terms “dangerous” and “safer” explicitly refer to crime rates calculated from FBI crime data; no other characterization of any community is implied or intended. Learn how we identify the safest cities on our methodology page.

Whether your city is on our list or not, we encourage everyone to be proactive about home security. One of the best ways to stop a robbery before it occurs is to add a home security system. Learn more about your home security options and find out which companies we recommend for every budget and lifestyle in our roundup of the best home security systems. The crime rate in the Indianapolis metropolitan area is 61.63 per 1,000 residents for a standard year.

People who live in the Indianapolis metropolitan area generally consider the northern part of the metropolitan area to be the safest.

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