Why Highland Is the Best Place to Live In Indiana

Why Highland Is the Best Place to Live In Indiana

Those who are looking to put down roots and construct a house have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from in the state of Indiana. But, one location in the state, Highland, stands apart from the rest of the cities and towns in the state. Highland is without a doubt the most desirable location to reside in all of Indiana because of its tight-knit community, outstanding educational opportunities, and lively cultural scene. In the following paragraphs, we'll investigate the many reasons why Highland is an excellent location for settling down.

A Thriving Community

The strong sense of community that exists in Highland, Indiana is one of the city's primary selling points. The population of the city is approximately 23,000, which makes it large enough to provide a wide variety of services and opportunities while still being small enough to encourage the development of a strong sense of community. People in Highland are likely to know their immediate surroundings, so if you go about your day, you'll almost certainly be greeted by a friendly face at some point.

Throughout the course of the year, the city hosts a diverse selection of community activities, including marches, festivals, outdoor concerts, and movie evenings under the stars. Due to the fact that events like this bring people together and foster a strong sense of belonging, Highland is an excellent location in which to either start a family or retire.

Excellent Schools

The fact that Highland has some of the best schools in the area is yet another advantage of living there. The Highland school system is held in very high esteem and has been the recipient of a great deal of praise throughout the years. The school system is comprised of five schools in total: one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. Each of these schools is renowned for having rigorous academic requirements and outstanding extracurricular offerings.

In addition to the public schools, Highland is home to a number of prestigious private institutions as well, such as the Highland Christian School and the St. James Catholic School. A significant number of local families place a great emphasis on the religious education that is provided by these schools.

Affordable Cost of Living

In addition, the cost of living in Highland is quite low, making it an appealing alternative for individuals who wish to make their money go further. The city's general cost of living is lower than the national average, and housing prices are more affordable here than in other parts of Indiana.

Access to Urban Amenities 

Despite the fact that Highland is a relatively small town, it is situated in close proximity to larger towns and hence provides access to the amenities that are found in those areas. For instance, driving to Chicago or taking the train there takes only a short amount of time, which makes it simple to take advantage of all the world-class dining, shopping, and cultural activities that the city has to offer.

Abundant Outdoor Recreation

Living in Highland is also ideal for people who enjoy being outside. The city is home to a number of parks and recreational spaces, one of which being Wicker Memorial Park, which features walking paths, a public swimming pool, and a golf course. In addition, the surrounding shoreline of Lake Michigan offers a variety of options for water sports such as boating, fishing, and other aquatic pursuits.

Diverse Cultural Scene

Moreover, Highland is renowned for the rich variety of its cultural scene. The city is home to a thriving arts culture, and it features a number of galleries and studios where local artists can exhibit their work. Throughout the course of the year, the Highland Arts Council plays home to a number of events, some of which include art fairs, music festivals, and theatrical shows.

In addition, Highland is home to a number of restaurants and marketplaces that serve cuisine from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, making it possible to sample cuisine from across the world without having to leave town. In addition, throughout the course of the year, the city plays host to a number of cultural festivals that celebrate the history, customs, and traditions of its varied people.

A Low Crime Rate

Finally, when compared to other parts of Indiana, the crime rate in Highland is quite low, making it a good place to call home. Residents of the city are able to maintain a sense of safety and security because the police force of the city is well-respected and maintains a strong presence in the neighborhood.

To summarize, Highland is the most desirable location to reside in all of Indiana for a variety of compelling reasons. It is a great area to call home due to its dynamic community, good schools, inexpensive cost of living, access to urban amenities, plentiful outdoor activities, rich cultural scene, and low crime rate. Everyone's needs can be accommodated in Highland, whether they include the establishment of a new family or the pursuit of a quiet retirement.

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