Where is michigan city in indiana?

Michigan City is a city in LaPorte County, Indiana, United States. It is one of two major cities in Michigan City-La Porte, Indiana Metropolitan. Get a visitor guide to learn more about where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and even where to shop at Visit Michigan City LaPorte. You'll also discover some ideas for planning a memorable trip that's unique to you.

Our free guides are available at many local establishments. You can download them for immediate access or have them mailed to your home. The city of Michigan dates back to 1830, when a real estate speculator, Isaac C. Elston, bought 160 acres of land.

Over the next six years, the city grew to 15 square miles, had 10 hotels, a business district and more than 1500 residents. The sand found on the beaches of Michigan City and its surroundings is nicknamed singing sand because of the sound it produces. The train goes directly on 11th Street (it has no independent right of way and shares the street with cars and other types of traffic) and makes two stops in the center of Michigan City (11th Street and Carroll Avenue). Currently, Amtrak trains run through Michigan City non-stop and the closest Amtrak station is New Buffalo, Michigan, about ten miles away.

This rail line connects Michigan City with downtown Chicago to the west and the South Bend Regional Airport to the east. It gets a good deal of tourism during the summer, especially from residents of Chicago and nearby cities in northern Indiana. The city of Michigan stands out both for its proximity to the Indiana Dunes National Park and for its border with Lake Michigan. Michigan City is home to the Old Michigan City Light; and the newest one currently operating, it is the only lighthouse in Indiana.

Michigan City Chamber of Commerce 200 East Michigan Boulevard Michigan City, IN 46360 219-874-6221 website. In the many years since the city was incorporated in 1836, Michigan City has grown into a large and vibrant city. Coach USA's Indiana Airport SuperSaver service between the University of Notre Dame and O'Hare Airport stopped in Michigan City, at the La Porte County Convention and Visitors Office, at the Marquette Shopping Center (4073 S.). Buses ran once an hour in both directions between Michigan City and O'Hare and Midway and once every two hours between Michigan City and Notre Dame.

Because of its location next to Lake Michigan, the city frequently experiences lake-effect snowfall and showers. Michigan City is a major stop along the South Shore line, one of the last interurban railroad lines in the United States. With the abundance of sports, historic, shopping and fine art options available in Michigan City, visitors will find the perfect way to enjoy their stay. The best thing to do in Michigan City is to visit Washington Park, where you'll find a lighthouse and pier, a beach, a water park and a zoo.

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