What part of indiana is by chicago?

Northwest Indiana, nicknamed The Region after the Calumet Region, comprises Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton and Jasper Counties in Indiana. This region is bordered by Lake Michigan and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. If that's you, here's a list of cities in Indiana near Chicago to live in. I structured this as a kind of quick facts article.

I've included answers to people's most important questions about the characteristics of Indiana towns and cities near Chicago. Chesterton is one of the best cities in Indiana near Chicago. This city with 14,088 residents is just 47 miles from downtown Chicago. Chesterton is located at the southern tip of Lake Michigan.

Residents can easily access nature reserves and beaches located in Indiana Dunes State Park or Indiana Dunes National Park. The city has also maintained a charming and walkable center, with plenty of locally owned shops and restaurants. Crown Point is a city in Indiana near Chicago. Crown Point is the county seat of Lake County, Indiana.

This means that many local government offices are located here. The downtown area of Crown Point is known as The Square. This is a very walkable center with shops and restaurants. It's great to live in Northwest Indiana.

Dyer, another Indiana town near Chicago. This city of 15,976 inhabitants is located 4.3 miles from the center of Chicago. It borders the Indiana—Illinois border. The third-highest median household income award in Northwest Indiana also goes to Dyer.

East Chicago is one of the cities in Indiana closest to Chicago. The city is 25 miles from downtown Chicago. East Chicago, Indiana, has a population of 27,817 people and was once one of the most industrialized cities in the United States. Manufacturing in East Chicago was critically important to the U.S.

UU. However, the decline in American manufacturing has affected this city. Gary, Indiana, is located just 50 km from downtown Chicago. This makes it one of the cities in Indiana closest to Chicago.

Gary has a long history as one of the major industrial cities in the United States. The city has been incredibly important in building the backbone of the United States because of the steelmaking facilities that have been established in the city. Today, the population of Gary, Indiana, is 75,522 people. Griffith is an Indiana city located 33 miles from downtown Chicago.

This often overlooked city is located in the center of Lake County, Indiana. The city's location is convenient for getting to Chicago or other areas of Lake County. The population of Griffith, Indiana is 16,060 people. Griffith has a short commute to Chicago and affordable housing prices.

Hammond, Indiana is one of the cities in Indiana closest to Chicago. Hammond is just 25 miles from downtown Chicago. In addition, parts of Hammond border the border between the state of Indiana and Illinois and the south side of Chicago. The population of Hammond, Indiana, is 75,522 people, making it the largest city in northwestern Indiana.

Munster is one of the cities in Indiana closest to Chicago. The city is just 27 miles from downtown Chicago. Munster is a great place to live. The city is the second highest median household income among cities and towns in northwestern Indiana.

When you're in town, don't forget to visit Three Floyds Brewery. Portage, Indiana, is located 66 kilometers from downtown Chicago. The development of Portage began in the late 1950s, as the nearby steel industry grew and needed more workers. Today, Portage is a great place to live with affordable housing prices.

In addition, this Indiana city, near Chicago, is also close to interstates and has a train station with several daily trains to Chicago. Schererville is a city in Indiana near Chicago. The population of Schererville is 28,527 inhabitants. Schererville is located in the midwest of Lake County, Indiana, and is close to the Indiana—Illinois border.

The city is a great place to live and a shopping center for Lake County, Indiana. John is 39 miles from downtown Chicago, making it one of the closest towns and cities in Indiana, near Chicago. John is probably the best place to live in Northwest Indiana. John has the highest median household income of any city or town in northwestern Indiana.

This also represents a 25% margin above the second city with the highest median household income. The closest Indiana city or town to downtown Chicago is Whiting, Indiana. This city of 4,723 inhabitants is located in a highly industrialized area with many nearby highways and interstates. An enormous amount of traffic passes through or near the Whiting area due to its location near Chicago.

Whiting is located less than a mile from the Indiana—Illinois state border and the Chicago city limits. There are many towns and cities in Indiana near Chicago. Many of these are great places to live. Traveling from Northwest Indiana to Chicago is feasible.

Between 10% and 15% of Northwest Indiana residents travel regularly to Chicago. Indiana offers people a lower cost of living, lower property taxes, and lower state and local government burdens compared to many Illinois communities. The border marker between Illinois and Indiana is a sandstone obelisk located near the end of Avenue G in Chicago, just west of the state line generating plant in Hammond, Indiana. Since 1988 it has been located 159,359 miles (256,463 km) north of the Wabash River.

Our editors will review what you submitted and determine if they should review the article. Residents say Zionsville is one of the safest places to live in Indiana and they're not wrong. Established in 1887, its industrial development was stimulated by the construction of the port of Indiana, connected to the Grand Calumet River by a 5 km (3 mile) boat canal and included an extensive dock system. Munster, Indiana is 28 miles from Chicago and Dyer, Indiana is just 39 minutes away by car compared to a 51 minute drive from Naperville, Illinois (33 miles).

Distance from Chicago to Indiana The shortest distance (straight line) between Chicago and Indiana is 224.06 km. A rivalry developed between Indiana Harbor, the “East Side”, home to Inland Steel and most working-class families, and the “West Side” of East Chicago, the residential enclave of the native business community. The state of Indiana began selling land to railroads and speculators after 1851 to fund the local school system. Indiana State Highway 912, the Cline Avenue Highway, connects East Chicago to the Indiana Turnpike and the Borman Highway, and serves the casino and lakeside steel mills.

US 12 and US 20 cross the city sections of the port city of Indiana and east Chicago, respectively, before joining on both sides. Not only does this small town have one of the lowest crime rates in Indiana, but it's also one of the lowest in the United States. . .

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