What county is coal city in indiana?

Owen County is a county in the United States. In 1920, the U.S. Census Bureau calculated that the average center of the American population was within this county. Conseco Fieldhouse, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indianapolis.

Coal City, IN belongs to Owen County. See the list of zip codes for Owen County. See the list of Indiana zip codes. Bloomington is a true college town, with a large, attractive campus northeast of the city center; a shopping, dining and nightlife area serving the student community; and a typical Midwestern plaza with a courthouse in the center.

Indiana University, founded in 1820 and currently serving about 35,000 students, offers a variety of culture and entertainment and is the dominant factor in the local economy and character. Sports, especially basketball, are a local obsession. The university is also home to one of the best music schools in the country. The educational level here is one of the highest in the state, crime is low, the economy is stable and attitudes are progressive.

Compared to other cities in Indiana, housing is relatively scarce and expensive, and some people who come from other places may find good jobs that are scarce. Nearby Lake Monroe, Hoosier National Forest and Nashville's Brown County State Park offer good outdoor recreation; adventurers can swim in abandoned limestone quarries.

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