Where does the time zone change in indiana?

It is famous that Indiana is divided into two time zones. Most of the state is in the Eastern Time Zone, but several counties near Gary and Evansville remain in the central time zone. In 1961, the Interstate Trade Commission divided the state into Eastern and Central Time, but the new time zone line was not consistently observed. However, some counties decided to use daylight saving time, causing confusion about what time it was around spring and fall.

As a result of the time change, dark mornings have caused an increase in car accidents after Eastern Time was adopted. Some communities and cities may choose not to observe these official time zones and this site does not reflect any such variation. Time zones in the contiguous United States are often referred to by their generic name, making no difference between standard time designations and daylight saving time designations. Most of the state uses Eastern Time, using Eastern Standard Time (EST) during the winter months and Eastern Summer Time (EDT) in the summer months, when daylight saving time is in effect.

For example, Eastern Time (ET) refers to Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Summer Time (EDT), depending on what is currently in use. Some counties near the state's southwest and northwest border use central time, which changes between Central Standard Time (CST) and Central Summer Time (CDT).

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